Disability Network Southwest Michigan

Founded in 1981, Disability Network Southwest Michigan actively works to create a fully accessible community where disability is valued as human diversity, and everyone belongs. The strength of our organization lies in the fact that most of our team members and governing board are people with disabilities, bringing a unique blend of lived experiences and professional expertise to our work.

We COLLABORATE with community partners to ensure our reach extends to underserved and unserved communities, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and diversity.

We ELEVATE diversity, equity and inclusion through the disability lens, through comprehensive education and creating accessible spaces focused on changing perceptions while enhancing inclusion and participation in our community.

We NAVIGATE complex systems and connect individuals to resources as the foundation of our work, providing individuals with the necessary tools and resources to advocate for themselves and lead self-determined lives.

We CONNECT and support individuals within the Disability Community through educational programs and support groups to share experiences, build networks of support and work collectively towards a more inclusive society.

We ACTIVATE grassroots, systemic change at the individual, local, state and national levels, advocating for policies and practices that promote equality and justice for individuals with disabilities.

We CULTIVATE resources to nurture team excellence, ensure long-term sustainability and practice responsible stewardship of funds.

Disability Network believes that embracing diversity and advancing inclusion not only beneļ¬ts individuals with disabilities but also strengthens the entire community, creating a more vibrant, equitable and inclusive society for everyone.

For more information, visit: www.dnswm.org