Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home Foundation

The Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home Foundation was founded in 2004 to generate funds and provide engaging opportunities for youth enrolled in our County’s juvenile justice programs. Since its inception, our most long-standing and effective program has been music therapy. What began as services for youth in detention has since been expanded to reach young people in all branches of our facility. These include educational programs, where 20% of all science classes are taught with music therapy support, diversion programs where music therapy promotes avenues for youth to build skills and break cycles of recidivism, and family sessions meant to solidify growth-in-treatment and support a youth’s successful transition through groups that include siblings and caregivers. As they move through the various programs, youth create original music and audio recordings that tell their story of challenging the past, championing the present, and crafting a brighter future. More than 400 original recordings are made and submitted to the youth that create them each year. We have seen consistent and positive results from music therapy approaches, and believe that these benefits not only improve the lives of the youth in our care, but also benefit our Kalamazoo community as a whole. In a survey of 86 youth served last year, 93% stated that music therapy helps them learn and achieve life goals. 90% stated that arts programming makes a difference in life outside of our facility. Music therapy supports our mission of enriching the lives of youth and families that we serve.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/kalamazoojuvenilehomefoundation