COPE Network

In 2014, two years after losing her daughter to a heroin overdose, Nancy King began a support group aimed at providing guidance for families struggling to understand and help loved ones experiencing substance use and addiction. These meetings quickly grew to include people who were struggling with substance use themselves, people who were in recovery, caretakers and friends. Due to the success of these meetings, COPE Network was founded in 2016.

Since then, COPE has continued providing support for individuals and families navigating substance use and recovery-related hardships. Using a harm-reduction framework opposed to an abstinence-based framework, COPE acknowledges substance use as a choice people make for themselves for a variety of reasons, without passing judgment or perpetuating stigma. With this framework, COPE does not require people to achieve abstinence or begin recovery in order to access valuable resources and support.

Whether it’s going to rehab, using substances more safely or repairing strained relationships with loved ones, COPE helps participants work toward positive behavior changes and improved health outcomes wherever possible. Through core programming, COPE has provided overdose prevention training and free naloxone kits to thousands of residents in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan.

COPE also provides a safe, non-judgmental space for the substance-using and recovery communities of Kalamazoo to access free classes related to art, music and movement; alternative recovery meetings; peer support; recovery coaching; free harm reduction supplies; referrals to mental health care, medical care and housing resources; and more.

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