SLD Read

Literacy is vital to building strong communities. From social determinants of health to equitable school funding; from vocational readiness to disability access, literacy affects every aspect of a person’s individual life outcomes—including familial and generational outcomes. Yet, each year, over one million 4th graders are added to the list of people who are unable to read in America.

SLD Read’s vision is a community working together for literacy that empowers all individuals to achieve their full potential. For nearly 50 years, we have been supporting people with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, on their journey to improved literacy. Our 1:1 personalized tutoring services are rooted in the science of reading, focused on explicitly teaching how sounds and letters go together to create words. Our lessons are multisensory, structured, explicit, cumulative, and sequential (working from the simplest elements of our language to the most complex). Programming is offered in both the school and community setting.

SLD Read is also dedicated to creating systemic change within the educational system by supporting educators in learning skills and techniques to enhance their reading curriculum and support students with word-related learning disabilities in their classrooms. We also work to raise awareness and reduce stigma around learning disabilities by providing community workshops that promote literacy and increase understanding.

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