KRESA WoodsEdge Learning Center

Kalamazoo RESA’s WoodsEdge Learning Center is an innovative school dedicated to developing independence in our students. Our students have varied disabilities (cognitive impairments, severe multiple impairments, autism, blindness, hearing impairments) but also many abilities. We are driven by our vision of a community without barriers, and teach our students in community places outside the school environment.

Music therapy is a part of our program that capitalizes on something nearly all students love. In music therapy, students learn about rhythm, singing, dance, and feelings associated with the music they hear. Students experience visits from performers from our community who share their music, dance, and storytelling. Each year students also attend performances in the community, an activity some may not otherwise experience.

The major focus of music therapy is to give students another way to learn new skills, to teach the joy of music of all genres, and to give them an opportunity to show us their talents. Some students have discovered hidden singing talents and the ability to play the piano by ear, and when they express themselves through music they remind us that life is to be enjoyed. The smiles, dancing during concerts, and exuberant clapping are great lessons for the adults who support our students too.

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