Young Adult Diversion Court Program / Kalamazoo County Government


The Young Adult Diversion Court (YADC) is a problem-solving solution for first-time criminal offenders, persons 17 through 20 years of age, who are sentenced to probation on a misdemeanor charge under a diversion statute, and who are at risk of losing that diversion status which then results in a conviction of a criminal charge and a criminal record. This program was launched in 2014.

YADC is radically different from traditional probation or any other specialty programs, in that the 8th District Court is partnering with other Kalamazoo County governmental departments and with community-based agencies to create an integrated and comprehensive court review program that focuses on the issues that have led these young adults into the justice system. YADC represents a paradigm shift from a traditional systemwide punitive format to a positive, self-actualizing model addressing each individual’s needs as a whole person.

YADC encourages and facilitates enrollment in education and counseling; explores healthy life choices; provides the opportunity to find one’s own voice through curricula, instruction and mentorship; and promotes individual exploration of personal growth and esteem, social development, relationship to family and community, as well as community responsibility and job exploration.