Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

As true today as it was 85 years ago, theatre and the performing arts remain important elements of not only the human experience, but also the vitality of a community. This is especially true in a world that is becoming more virtual and less face-to-face. Even though e-mail and social media have made it easier for us to communicate with one another, they have also had an effect on our ability as humans to communicate with one another, resolve conflict effectively, and form vital social connections. The theatrical arts provide an opportunity for creative expression, social and emotional development, and communication skill development. Cultural opportunities and outlets are also important in building a diverse, educated and engaged community. Theatre productions offer an especially effective opportunity for this, as plays and musicals often highlight new or unfamiliar cultures, allowing a viewer to see inside the mind of a character different from them and examine events from multiple vantage points. Because the Civic attracts individuals from all over Kalamazoo County, participation introduces people to others that they may not have ever met otherwise resulting in greater awareness and tolerance of others.